Our ICT business has an impressive performance history of developing, introducing and maintaining core business and production management systems for the Kyocera Group, and a range of systems for KDDI, a major telecommunications carrier. Based on the concept of "protect, link and leverage information to expand business for our customers," our ICT business does many things. In addition to setting up management systems that will become important tools for our clients' management operations, we also transform business, using advanced technologies such as AI, the IoT, clouds and security, providing IT solutions that can contribute to overcoming issues for both our clients and society.

IT Solutions That Can Help Overcome Issues Affecting Clients and Society

System Integration AI IoT Infrastructure Security

We provide various systems for telecommunications carriers, core business systems for major airline companies, training material distribution systems for distance-learning companies, core business and production management systems for the Kyocera Group, and other B-to-B solutions.

ERP Solutions Infrastructure Security

We provide total support, from consulting to system building, operation and maintenance, for improving the on-site operations of manufacturing industries that have sites around the world, and for global ERP solutions including overseas offices.

Platform Solutions AI IoT Infrastructure Security

We offer Internet service infrastructure such as consumer smartphone app distribution platforms and storage services, as well as IoT API platforms.

Educational / Medical Solutions AI Infrastructure Security

We offer a range of solutions, based on our achievements in the educational and medical fields. These include library systems for universities and public institutions, and food service management systems and medical record systems for medical institutions.

Technology Supporting IT Solutions

AI-Using Technologies

Utilizing AI, we offer services such as image checking for manufacturing industries and services such as management support via big data analysis, for various solutions. We also share advanced technologies with overseas cloud vendors.

Image Analytics AI Using Deep Learning - Labellio

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has made possible the analysis of unstructured data (images / audio / text), something that has been difficult to achieve until now. With these technological innovations, machines can now perform things that only humans could do in the past. This is prompting innovations in a wide range of industries.

Kyocera Communication Systems offers the AI image analysis service, Labellio, under the concept of AI specialist organizations being "AI next to you." Kyocera Communication Systems is involved in the development of the latest image analysis technologies, including deep learning image classification, face recognition, and activity recognition.

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Telecommunications Services for the IoT

We are deploying the Sigfox IoT network throughout Japan, providing unprecedented low prices and a low-power-consuming connection environment. We also support the business development of partners who provide IoT solutions.

Sigfox IoT Network

These days the use of IoT has been rapidly expanding and LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network having merits of energy efficiency and long range area coverage is drawing attention for the use of IoT.

The Sigfox network is already operational in 70 countries to enable wireless communications for sensors and various forms of data measurement (as of June 2020). It has applications in a wide range of fields, including monitoring services, agriculture, logistics and assets, the environment, facilities and social infrastructure. Its introduction in Japan is also progressing.

Kyocera Communication Systems develops Sigfox, the global LPWA network, in Japan and by helping things to connect with each other, we contribute to create the safe and comfortable society.

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Infrastructure / Cloud-Utilization Technologies

Centered on our three data centers in Japan, we provide IT resources with a flexible service menu such as cloud solutions, integrated monitoring, and security.

Security Solutions

We provide AI security products and penetration tests (vulnerability diagnoses) to counter attacks from hackers, as well as game security diagnoses and various security consulting services to prevent cheating in smartphone games.