Environment and Energy Engineering

Our Environment and Energy Engineering business combines the achievements of Kyocera Solar Corporation (integrated in April 2020) in solar power generation business, together with the know-how of the Kyocera Communication Systems' engineering business. We can provide a one-stop service to give our clients peace of mind. Our services range from proposals for residential and public / industrial solar power generation systems, to after-sales maintenance. We are actively expanding our renewable energy businesses (that include not only solar power generation) to help contribute to the creation of a society in harmony with the natural environment.

Solar Power Generating Systems

We offer one-stop solutions for the development of solar power generating systems for public and commercial use, including mega solar power systems, from design, procurement and construction to operation and maintenance. Based on our experience and technological expertise in the electricity and construction businesses, we have a proven track record in the design and construction of many solar power generation systems, including factory roof installations and floating installations.

Futtsu, Chiba (Output: Approximately 42 MW)
Kato, Hyogo (Output: Approximately 1.6 MW) *Floating plant

O&M (Operations and Maintenance) Services

To prevent unexpected power generation losses at solar power plants, we provide operation and maintenance services that perform constant monitoring, maintenance planning, periodic inspections, and facility management. We provide these services at 379 sites to facilities that have a total power-generating capacity of approximately 777 MW (as of June 2020). We support power generation by making full use of our wide range of services such as 24-hour monitoring, our emergency response call center and our nationwide maintenance network.

Periodic inspections (performance diagnosis)
Facility management
Camera surveillance / Constant monitoring
Sakura Solar Energy Center (monitoring center)

100% Renewable Energy Zero-Emission Data Centers

In recent years, Japan's energy mix has undergone a revision and the movement to make renewable energy the main source of power is gaining ground. However, stabilizing the supply and demand for renewable energy, which is affected by natural conditions, has become the issue at hand. Kyocera Communication Systems plans to develop a 100% renewable energy zero-emission data center in Ishikari, Hokkaido that will be directly supplied (via independent lines from the power stations) with electricity generated by solar power, wind power and from biomass. The center will utilize the unique features of the local region so that in summer the data center's snow cooling system will cool the servers using snow stored in the winter. Through this project, we are seeking to contribute to regional revitalization through the creation of new jobs (such as data center engineers and energy technicians), the diffusion of renewable energy through the local production of power for local consumption, and the protection of the natural environment.

Conceptual diagram of 100% renewable energy zero-emission data centers

IPP Business for Villages Without Electricity in Myanmar

KYOCERA Communication Systems Kinetic Myanmar Co., Ltd.

Myanmar plans to give about 43,000 towns electricity by 2030, aiming for an electrification rate of 100%. Kyocera Communication Systems Kinetic Myanmar is an independent power generation company (IPP). We maintain installations such as power generation bases, power transmission and distribution facilities, and off-grid systems (electric power systems that are not connected to the power grids of an electric company) in Myanmar's regions that have unstable power or none at all. We will use the solar business know-how cultivated in Japan to support the improvement of the electrification rate in Myanmar and contribute to the betterment of villagers' lives and industrial development.